Jump in the Fire

First entry, let’s start this blog with some fire by hearing how you got into the game.

As my bio page tells I started lifting around my early teen years. At first going to the gym was just something to occupy my Saturday mornings instead of sleeping in or watching cartoons but eventually it was fuel to a psychological fire burdening my mind.

One day when I was feeling ill my parents had brought home some seafood from a trip to the amazing restaurant Red Lobster. I was lying on the couch indulging in shrimp when I had one get lodged in my throat. I was choking…or at least had the sensation I was. I downed about four glasses of water and must of tried making myself gag the remainder of the night before exhaustion set in and I fell asleep. For months after this event I couldnt not eat food. I would only eat, for lack of a better word, “mushy” food: mashed potatoes, steamed carrots, ice cream, soup, etc. I remember starting high school as this thin rail of a kid weighing around 125 lbs. and looking malnourished.

Fast forward to graduation and my weight was up almost 60 lbs. and my fear of eating real food as gone. It was obvious that you cannot get anywhere with your goals in weightlifting if you don’t eat and that was my launching pad to getting fit and healthy. I never looked back and have never experienced anything like that since!

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