About Me

Rear-Double Bi

Gun show!

My name is Matt Valanoski and I love lifting things up and putting them back down!

At 23 years of age I have been involved in the fitness scene for nearly 10 years so I’ve basically been playing the game since hitting puberty. I don’t have any educational credentials in the health industry, though I am working toward a degree in exercise science, but I have banked tons of information in my cranium and have had many of my own personal experiences since starting to lift weights.

I’m about 6’2″ tall and am currently weighing in at 199 lbs. give or take a pound or two. I’d love to compete in a bodybulding competition but don’t think I’m quite at that level physically yet. With my physical nature obviously I would have to say Arnold is my favorite bodybuilder followed by Frank Zane and Lou Ferigno.

I intend to update this page with tips, resources, lists, and aids as often as possible to assist my fellow gymrats achieve their goals! Come back often!



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